Maternity, Newborn, and Small Children Specialist

Maternity, Newborn, and Small Children Specialist

Maternity, Newborn, and Small Children SpecialistMaternity, Newborn, and Small Children Specialist

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What to Expect

*When should I book my session?


Please book your newborn session before your baby is born. Newborn sessions are usually booked in the 2nd trimester. If your baby is already born, please contact me because I may have an opening available. Newborns are best photographed between 4-8 days old

Regular/mini Session:

Please book your session both regular and minis 1 to 2 months prior to your actual session date.

Maternity Sessions:

These sessions are booked between your 30 weeks /33 week mark.

*How does scheduling a newborn session work?

When you book your newborn session,

select a date that is closest to your approximate due date.

This will not be your actual session date, 

you are just reserving your space around that time. Once your baby is born, I ask that you email/text/call me as soon as possible to let me know your baby is here, then we will book your exact session date that falls between4-8 days old. If you wait several days to contact me after your baby arrives, you may or may not be able to be booked due to bookings already booked or you will have to wait for a later session date which will result in you missing the cut off date I do newborns. I can’t stress how important it is to contact me as soon as possible when your baby is here to get the earliest session available. 

*What is the best way to contact you?

Email is the best way to get in touch with me. You can email me at, I am quick to respond to emails, and you will get a response to your questions ASAP. Evenings and Sundays are reserved for my family, so I do not answer calls out side of those hours. Email is always the quickest and easiest way to contact me with questions.

You may also reach out to me by cell: 512-971-4028 during the hours of M-F (9:30am-12:00pm) 

No calls after hours please.

My contact hours are Monday – Friday 9:30am to 12:00pm

I schedule all sessions Monday – Saturdays with Newborns falling at times on Sundays.

*How do I prepare for my session?

You will receive an email or message to go over this information you are seeing here to help with questions.

For all sessions booked, we will go over everything through email and or phone. For any additional questions you have my email to correspond with me when you need to.

*For Newborn Session I ask that you do not feed baby 2 hours prior to session so that once you arrive at your session time in my studio you are instructed to feed the baby to help the process of that baby to fall asleep so that we transition them to the beanbag and start your session. 

*For Siblings, you can schedule if newborn does well on the same day, and or we can schedule a different day which helps us both from being so exhausted.

In most cases if baby does well siblings come in at the end of the session, siblings are not allowed to come in on photos until the end of the session and then baby is in the set up to then allow the sibling to come in and sit next to baby in a bucket and or prop. (however some sessions start siblings first and then newborns which can be done) From this moment once finished we move to the beanbag where I stand on a stool and overlook them taking photos looking down on them holding one another. In some cases, I do work with mom and dads to do photos at times on their property in buckets with natural land or animals involved. 

Please note I know that children have an attention span of 15min or less, that is why I have them come in last or book another day. Most times siblings are good and work well with me. If they are not feeling the session, we may reschedule and or you are welcome to only pay for the sibling portion if we are able to get that done.

Please under no circumstances are children allowed to run, scream or touch things in the session area. They will need to be monitored by parent and helped to stay calm with baby is sleeping so that we can finish any poses necessary for the remainder of the session.

*Do you have all the props for my newborn session?

I do! I have tons and tons of hats, hair accessories, cute little pants, wraps, baskets, and other props for your session. You are most welcome to bring something special of yours that is family related as those are always the best and most precious props to add to your 

newborn session.

*What types of payment methods do you accept?

I accept check, cash, money orders, and credit card payments securely through PayPal.

*Can we bring family to the session?

Sure, you can bring up to 4 people with you. All I ask is if you would please be kind to tell me about it so that I have proper seating. Please also note you are coming to land out in the country on 35 acres with a beautiful pond. If you decided to venture outdoors to take a walk, you will be asked to sign a waiver for legal reasons.

*May we take pictures at our session?

Absolutely no videos or professional DSLR’s are permitted during any session. However, I do not mind phone snapshots during your newborn session to document this special time!

*How do I book for sessions?

A non-refundable deposit of half your  Session Package amount you choose is due when you book your date along with sending me all your detailed info for your invoice. Your remainder of your Package is due in monthly payments and or pay in full at time of booking.

A non-refundable deposit for all Sessions are due at the time of booking and the remainder is due the week of your session. 

*What to expect after your Session?

After your Session I will explain to you what you are getting with your package you have selected. I will go over everything with you to refresh your mind. Typically, with breaks in-between Sessions I can get your images done within 3 to 4 days if I have session in front of you, 2 to 3 without any sessions in-front of you and after your session. I will edit your images and then show you through Facebook messenger so that I can communicate with you and hear your feelings of your edits. Once done I will set your on-line gallery, which is private to protect not only your child but you as well. There you can direct download and share with your family. This is also the time where you can purchase more prints on

professional paper. I will not be giving your personal information out as my top priority is to safe guard your precious baby from the outside world. From this point you have 48 hours to pick your images for printing with the package you have selected. It takes a total of 4 to 7 days to get those by UPS. Once I get those I will finish your package and message you for pick up. It is that simple!!!!