Maternity, Newborn, and Small Children Specialist

Maternity, Newborn, and Small Children Specialist

Maternity, Newborn, and Small Children SpecialistMaternity, Newborn, and Small Children Specialist



My Background


Hello and Welcome to Images By Echo Photography,

I specialize in maternity, newborn, small children and digital composites. I am based in Bastrop Texas but do travel for many things such as helping hospitals, families, and teaching others to build and expand their business for their own success!

I began my journey back in the 90’s when I was young kat in high school fiddling in journalism. I found it to be very interesting mostly due to the stories not photography and how the stories show a deep moving emotional experience for many when the read them, I noticed stories move people and make the feel something special which made me feel connected and made me want to embrace that. My story of who I am travels deep into many ups and downs in this life but maybe I can elaborate some here and help you to get to know who I am and where I have been and why I am where I am. 

From High School I went to college and studies communications, Travel and Tourism, Sales, and people. I really wanted to travel and tell stories of my traveling adventures through journalism, but things took many turns and lead me down a whole different road than I expected. In 2003 I had a major car accident that changed my life, but in such a good way. It made me stop, think and understand that there was more to life than hurry, hurry and hurry more. I had no patience whatsoever, but something remarkable happen which is why I said, “in a good way.” Shortly after my accident I met my husband. We had been friends since we were 15 and the fact that he reached out to me and asked me on a date was really the happiest of times for me. Within a few years we got married and began our life as a family, it was a special time for us. In 2007 after I had my first child, I had decided that I wanted to take my hobby of photography and turn it into a business, but my life took a huge downfall when diagnosed with Crohns and UL Colitis which had me confined to home close to a restroom as my body was not mine anymore.  From 2008 to 2015 I underwent many surgeries resulting in the removal of a huge portion of my intestines and many studies of placements on chemo therapy treatments along with acupuncture as well as being testing on MANY different meds. Through family and friends and a huge support system I was told that my crohns was non-curable and that I would have many ups and downs, but that if I work hard I could manage it the best that I could. I would need to stay positive and keep my head up which I intended to do. My doctors had expressed I needed to find something to mend the time I was in my treatments and when sick, find something that could help me get through these times. I decided to take photography more seriously and shoot for the stars. I went to school and developed my Photoshop skills. In 2015 I took over 8 classes and by 2016 I won the Best of Bastrop for Newborns in all of Bastrop County. I was so very proud and felt so Blessed beyond measure. I decided to continue to grow with knowledge, so I went to workshops, mentor shops and traveled a great deal to gain more education to expand my mind. Someone once told me if you are not growing you are dying so I took this bit of vital information and decided to expand even more and in 2017 was crowned the Best of Bastrop for the second time for Bastrop country gaining over thousands of votes and now taking me to the top of my game allowing me to really reach my all-time goals. By the end of 2017 with my husband we purchased a great deal of land and as of 2018 we are now building our new 30x40 studio on 17 acres! Thanks to the people, Family, Friends and God, I took my small business and turned it into a full time successful business working with over 500 vendors and doing charity for over 5 main hospitals in Texas and mentoring photographers to help expand their own business for success.

Thanks to my doctors giving me the positive vibes, my husband standing behind me along with my kids and all my clients who backed me and knew that Photography helped me to get through these hard times when in chemo treatments I wouldn’t have made it to where I am. 

Being in my studio and editing, creating works of art are the things that I truly enjoy and fulfill me with the upmost happiness. I love children and when working with them it creates so much peace for my soul. I consider what I do not work but a career in labor of love, besides I have always felt in my heart that if you do what you love it is no longer called a job! If you love what you do, then you have reached the happiest moment and joyful time in this life that many do not experience in a lifetime of finding who they really are. 


Newborn Photography

 I specialize in Maternity, Newborn, Newborn Composite, and small Children.


Maternity Photography

I specialize in-studio/outdoor Maternity Photography, and Maternity Composite.